Ambrit Web Design Hertfordshire

A rich heritage of graphics art, design and software development has enabled Ambrit to push the boundaries of web site design and maintain a position at the forefront of Internet technology.

The company was founded in 1988, initially operating as a digital imaging bureau and developer of custom database applications. In the mid 1990s Ambrit was quick to realise the potential of the newly emerging World Wide Web and that its powerful combination of graphical and technical expertise was ideally suited to the requirements of the Internet.

Since 1996 Ambrit has focused solely on the creaton of high performance web sites and database driven Internet technologies, providing complete web solutions for a wide range of customers, from sole traders to multi-national corporations, in all market sectors.

Ambrit's Webspring™ technology, the product of over a decade of continuous development, places the company on the leading edge as an Internet solutions provider. Webspring™ endows Ambrit with a unique ability to extend the use of the Internet into previously unchartered territory, truly allowing us to claim that we are Making waves on the web.