Ambrit Ltd. accepts its environmental responsibilities and recognises its obligations to contribute to the resolution of global and local environmental issues by reducing its environmental impacts and by taking a leading role in promoting environmental good practice.

Therefore Ambrit Ltd. will:

  • Continue to comply with all relevant legislation and codes of practice
  • Continually seek to improve its environmental performance.
  • Quantify and reduce its environmental impacts, bearing in mind the whole life cycles of energy and material supplies.
  • Encourage and sustain where practical a paperless environment.
  • Integrate environmental concerns into all planning and design decisions, maintenance and management of its facilities including sustainable development principles where possible.
  • Minimise the environmental impacts of new buildings during their construction and use.
  • Improve staff environmental awareness and responsibilities.
  • Encourage and facilitate research on environmental sustainability.
  • These commitments will be demonstrated through the introduction of suitable policies, practices and programmes. Their effectiveness will be monitored by evaluating Ambrit Ltd.'s environmental performance and publishing the results on our website.
  • This policy statement will be reviewed annually by the Ambrit Ltd.'s Environmental Policy Steering Group.

Approved by the Ambrit Ltd. Board Of Directors 10th May 2001

Barry Webb